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Refereed Journal Articles

Draghi JA and Whitlock MC (2015) Robustness to noise in gene expression evolves despite epistatic constraints in a model of gene networks. Evolution 69 (9), 2345-2358.

Schulte MB, Draghi JA, Plotkin JB and Andino R (2015) Experimentally guided models reveal replication principles that shape the mutation distribution of RNA viruses. eLife 4, e03753

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Invited Perspectives

Kryazhimskiy S, Draghi JA, Plotkin JB (2011) In evolution, the sum is less than its parts. Science 332(6034): 1160-1161. PDF

Draghi JA, Plotkin JB (2011) Hidden diversity sparks adaptation. Nature 474(7349): 45-46. PDF

Wagner GP and Draghi JA (2010) Evolution of Evolvability in Evolution: The Extended Synthesis, eds. M. Pigliucci and G.B. Müller, p. 379-400. amazon

Book Reviews

Draghi JA, Plotkin JB. (2012) Reviewed Andreas Wagner’s The Origins of Evolutionary Innovations. Bioessays 34: 518–520. PDF

Draghi JA (2012) Reviewed David L. Stern’s Evolution, Development, & the Predictable Genome. The Quarterly Review of Biology 87(1): 69. PDF